andarcia - Personal Training
"... I look forward to my sessions with Luis every week! It has been three years and I have yet to tire of our ever changing workouts. Luis is enthusiastic, supportive, and a great motivator. As this is my 7th year racing half and full distance ironman, marathons, and swim events, I see Luis for core strengthining, weight training and explosive power. He has strenghtened my body so I am able to push myself harder in races safely."

Ann Weinstock
Endurance Athlete
Mother of 3

I had the great fortune of having Luis Andarcia as a running coach who trained me for the San Francisco half-marathon in August 2008.  He was awesome!  I cannot say enough good things about my experience.  I felt so great during my race…I felt like I could run all day!  Luis prepared me well with a detailed 16 week training program that progressed from short runs to longer, more intense runs and HILLS.  Lots and lots of hills!  He was very encouraging along the way as I struggled in the beginning of the program and pushed me (sometimes literally, with a gentle nudge on my back up a hill) on the tougher parts when I wanted to quit!  He is a great trainer…tough when he needs to be also personable and fun and easy to get along with.  I would recommend him to anyone, and I definitely will train with him again for another race!"
 Pauletta Estes
SF Marathon 2nd Half
“Luis has been an amazing trainer and friend for the past 10 years.  He is literally the only thing that can motivate me to get out of bed and into the gym at 6am! He never ceases to kick my butt (despite my constant complaining) but more importantly he always ensures that I am having fun and smiling.  Coming from a girl, I know it can sometimes be hard to work with a guy trainer but honestly I would never want to work with anyone else.  He makes me laugh, makes my muscles hurt and after each session, I truly look forward to seeing him again!!!"
Leslie Gillman
Weekend Warrior

"When I began training with Luis I was a relatively out of shape mother of two with a goal of finishing the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon without embarrassing myself. Luis created an extensive 5 month training plan and helped me complete the workouts and stay on track. He was extremely encouraging and convinced me to change my goal from just finishing the race, to finishing in the top of my age group. With his support and his ass kicking workouts I exceeded my goal at Alcatraz. I am now in my second year of training with Luis, and I am looking forward to even more success this year! I highly recommend him to anyone who is committed to getting in the best shape of their life."
Meghan Clark
4th place F40-44
Escape From Alcatraz 2010
"... Luis  has gotten me in great shape for ski season and an upcoming heliski trip to Alaska.  I am skiing with more confidence, strength and endurance than ever.  Luis is very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and sports-specific training programs.  And best of all, Luis always maintains a great sense of humor while he's pummeling me during a workout.  I highly recommend Luis to anyone training for specific goal who wants to take their performance to the next level."
Geoff Beard